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Are you a resident of San Jose, California and you are wondering how to give your loved one the sendoff that they deserve, choosing to cremate them is the most therapeutic process. For families and individuals who are looking for affordable end-of-life care, direct cremation is the best option. It is the disposition of your loved one remains by cremation without a full funeral. Direct cremation offers the best alternative to a traditional body burial. Apart from taking your beloved’s remains with you once the process is complete, direct cremation also has the following benefits:

No embalming is required

In comparison to a funeral service that allows for the viewing of the body by family members and guests, direct cremation does not require the expensive embalming process. Since the body will temporarily be held in a crematorium, extensive body preparations are not essential.

The purchase of a casket is unnecessary

As the body is cremated in a simple cardboard container rather than a traditional casket, therefore, the family does not need to purchase a casket. Instead, an appropriate cremation urn should be purchased to safeguard your loved one’s remains.

Flexibility in planning the memorial service or the celebration of life

Unlike a traditional funeral that may require the immediate scheduling of events that will be held prior to the burial, direct cremation offers a lot of flexibility in terms of planning and finances. You will have the required time to plan for a decent and cost-effective memorial service.

Shorter process

Direct cremation is simple and more expedient. It requires less time commitment from the family and the entire process can easily take place in just a day or two. This makes it convenient for family members who may be ill or live far away.

Affordable process

While funeral costs can weigh you down, the affordable cremation cost reduces on the expenses that are associated with a burial such as flowers, transportation, and many others. It only requires the purchase of an inexpensive wood box that is useful in the process. Other alternative burial options are much more costly.

The responsibility of planning a memorial service is certainly a lot to handle for if you are already dealing with the loss of a loved one. That is why we step in and help with the planning process, to ensure that you are not overwhelmed with the planning responsibilities. We are here to help!

Our San Jose cremation company will ensure that you and your family gain the closure that you need. You can rely on us for everything; from picking up your loved one to finding a befitting cremation container. We will provide satisfactory services and acknowledge the pain of loss-so you can find a certain amount of normalcy in your life.