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A Direct Cremation offers Redwood City Cremation Services at an affordable price.

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Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing direct cremation as a way to honor their loved one’s memory. Our cremation services in Redwood City California is here to affirm your decision. Cremation is the best way to express your thoughts and feelings about the death of your loved one.

When faced with arranging a cremation in Redwood City and are seeking a cremation company that is trusted and nearby, you can simply look to us! We will provide you with everything you require, therefore, you can turn to us with confidence.

The Difference in Our Services

Our obligation is creating the kind of exceptional experience that you will never forget in Redwood City. We will educate you on the cremation process, listen and support all your choices. Thereafter, we will implement your choices for you. We strive to create a superb memorable through a very difficult time. Needless to say, we will make your experience meaningful and most importantly, healing.

Our Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation services only involve minimal services. This is to say, we will be able to provide you with the following basic cremation alternatives:

  • Pick up and transportation of the deceased to the crematorium.

  • Completion and filing of legal documents such as the deceased’s death certificate that is essential for the cremation process. We know you may be overwhelmed by the death of your loved one. Our professionals will be able to assist you through this process to ensure your and your entire family are fully satisfied.

  • Respectful care and placement of the body in an alternative cremation container.

  • Direct cremation of the body and processing of the cremated remains.

  • Returning of the cremated remains to the family.

Basic Features of Our Direct Cremation Services in Redwood City, CA

Direct cremation services do not include a full funeral and/or burial. The cremation cost is highly affordable because many of the costs that come with traditional funeral are not incurred. Our direct cremation services entail the following:

  • Cremation of the body immediately after death. This means that you can engage our services directly. It will potentially cut down on any funeral costs.

  • Cremation of the body in a simple container often referred to as a cremation box. A casket is not required in this case.

  • No viewing of the body or wake before cremation. There is no need for body preparations or embalming.

A memorial service can be arranged for another date, eliminating the need for an expensive casket and other funeral costs.

We complete all cremations in a timely manner. We take client satisfaction very seriously. We want you to walk away with the special feeling that we went above and beyond for you, your family, and even your loved one. Building long-lasting relationships in Redwood City California is the backbone of our cremation company. Remember, no matter your reasons for choosing direct cremation, we will help you explore all your options. We believe that when your loved one is cremated, they will always be with you in a very special way.

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