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A Direct Cremation offers Brentwood Cremation Services at an affordable price.

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Losing a loved one comes with heartache, grief, and sorrow. In an ideal world, we would be with the people that we love forever.

But that is not always possible.

While sending off your loved one can be a difficult decision, our cremation company is built on giving you the comfort that you need during this challenging time. Whether you want to know more about the cremation process or have immediate need of cremation services, we will be with you every step of the way. We understand that quality cremation care has nothing to do with the cost.

Still wondering why we are the best cremation company in Brentwood, California? Read on!

We answer all questions

When you set an appointment to sit down and have a heart to heart with you. We will provide all of the answers that you need, in as much depth as you require. We are willing to provide all of the information that you need. All this information can be reached online or by phone as well. That is Why We Are the Best Cremation Company in Brentwood, California.

We offer upfront and affordable pricing

Every business in the funeral industry is required to have a general price list. However, in comparison to the funeral costs that may be incurred for a full burial, our cremation costs are highly affordable. We are upfront about our charges and ensure that this financing goes to providing the best care for your beloved.

We follow all policies and procedures

A funeral or a cremation is an irreversible process. In order to do it right, we follow all set policies and procedures to ensure that both you and your loved one will be cared for properly and treated with dignity. We offer all our clients a copy of our policy and procedure manual.

We have a reliable identification process

As a solid crematorium company in Brentwood, California, we have a reliable system to assure that cremation remains are always properly identified. You can be certain that the correct ashes will be returned to your family. As soon as the body arrives, we use special identification tags which will be returned along with the ashes. Hopefully, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your loved one’s remains are in the urn.

We involve you in the process

There is nothing worse than being left out of your loved one’s final journey. To ensure that you get the closure you need, we will allow you to witness the beginning of the cremation process. Any family member desiring to be part of this process should feel welcome to do so.

We have a solid reputation

As the best crematorium company in Brentwood, California, we proudly safeguard our reputation. Our licensed funeral directors go the extra mile to provide flawless cremation services. We also offer a no hidden fee guarantee to every family that we serve. Needless to say, our firm surpasses the highest set standards.

We are confident that you will discover A Direct Cremation’s to turn to in the most difficult times. It is important to remember that dying is one of the few events in life that is certain to occur, yet we rarely plan for. Do not worry, we have the heart to offer you the consolation that you need.